The Final Ritual

This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things

9/5/10: James (DM), Dena (Tsunami), Caroline (Sepheria), Terry (Dreskin), Calvin (Darkspell)

Wrapping up the Black Horse Dungeon

The characters released the 30-odd wizards that had been held by the Black Horse mercenaries. Before they were actually sprung, however, Darkspell revealed his birth defect to the party and the captives. This would have varied ramifications later on in the evening.

Sepheria was the first to approach the chained-down shapeshifting child (Queril). After trying to pry the collar from the child’s neck Sepheria experienced a strong memory from one of her past incarnations. She was standing on a large rock that was at least sixty feet in diameter. The rock appeared round and was grinding in a slow circle. The smell of blood was in the air and Sepheria felt a deep, deep trepidation about the location. The vision lasted only a moment but it was one of the clearest memories from Sepheria’s past lives that she’s experienced during this incarnation. Sepheria copied down the primordial inscription on the collar and is attempting to decypher it with Darkspell’s help.

Queril and the wizards were taken to the tavern above the jail in the dungeon. Unable to take them out into the blizzard, Tsunami whispered a message to a rat. As the rat took off the party decided to check out the second floor of the tavern.


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